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Who We Are


Full Circle Strategies, LLC, is a full-service social impact consulting and strategy firm based in Washington, DC with a secondary-home base in San Francisco, California. With over 20 years of combined professional experience, we offer our clients unique and diverse expertise to support their goals for impact. 

We help our clients achieve the impact they desire through intelligent strategies. Our engagement with the private sector, non-profit institutions, foundations, and government empowers our clients to create the dynamic change they seek. Solving complex problems through groundbreaking concepts, campaigns, and programs that contribute to a stronger American democracy and technology sector is at the heart of what we set out to do.

OUR TOP 6 Leadership VALUES

Transformative Change. We believe in a practical and strategic approach to revolutionary change. To change the world is to redefine it. Our leadership works tirelessly to do precisely that. Bold Leadership. 

A willingness to step into the unknown, to execute on the ideas driving growth tomorrow, and to be effective along the way is a value we hold dear.  A Full Circle Approach. From process to people to transformative outcomes and truly original solutions, our full circle strategy approach strengthens brands and empowers communities. Hard Work . We are not afraid to go the extra mile for our clients. By nurturing our relationships and spending the extra effort to build them, we are in a better position to empower our clients. Bold Vision. Our vision differentiates us. We hold a vision where inclusiveness and diversity are the standards and where all companies and organizations have a positive social impact. Smart Solutions. The right solution isn’t always the first one. We dig deep to give our clients smart solutions that strengthen their organizations and efforts. 

4.Bold Vision

3.A Full Circle Approach

2. Bold Leadership

4.Hard Work

1. Transformative Change

6.Smart Solutions


We work exclusively with a variety of clients including technology companies, corporations, non-profits, and foundations in navigating external relations and strategy. We also know how to build winning policy campaigns and offer reliable advice for a variety of clients. Some examples of our previous partnerships include:

Provided pro-bono advice and counsel to the George Floyd legal team on use of UN mechanisms to advance their case and assisted counsel. 


Assisting large scale media networks and studios in developing “Get Out the Vote” campaigns.


Helping venture capital funds develop outreach relationships with US Mayors. 


Offered counsel on the development of diversity and inclusion in the hiring and recruitment process for various companies.


Aiding elected officials in crafting and developing social impact initiatives while navigating crisis management.


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