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A Full Circle Approach to Social Impact & Strategy Development

Our leaders and team of experts assist with a variety of social impact and strategy development solutions that help non-profits and businesses expand their impact. The path to society and governmental change starts with action. 

Our Areas of Expertise

Strategy Development 

Political strategy requires innovative and adaptable thinking. Our strategic development services are fundamental to creating and running an influential organization. We research, harness the power of our experience and relationships, and set measurable goals to improve the social impact your business or campaign has. Consistently chosen for our reliable political strategies, we share your focus. We do the planning, execution, and strategizing for you. You achieve your objective and reap the benefits. 

Public Affairs and Public Policy 

Our public affairs and public policy services strengthen and guide our client’s towards beneficial relationships with key policymakers. From helping launch a major initiative to averting a significant crisis, our public affairs, and public policy consultations are designed to help you implement integrated strategies. Engage top decision-makers, transform public policy, and do your part to shape public opinion, through strategic engagement. 


Our depth of experience within Washington and the world’s leading non-profits validates your organization and helps set the stage for powerful relationships that lead to significant national impact. 

Community Engagement &

Third-Party Coalition Building 


Businesses and political organizations can leverage the power of 20 plus years of experience and strong relationships to improve the quality of their community engagement & third-party coalitions.

Diversity & Inclusion 


We help tech-companies and brands develop and implement actionable plans that enhance their diversity and inclusion goals. 

Building inclusive organizations and developing inclusive leaders has the potential to unleash the power of your people. It helps your business thrive. Our team formulates a strong business case for diversity and inclusion through strategic development. 

Our Clients

Full Circle Strategies works with a variety of clients representing a cross-section of industries including: 

  • Fortune 500 Companies 

  • Non-Profit & Advocacy Organizations 

  • Global Tech Companies 

  • Venture Capital Firms 

  • Media Networks and Organizations 

  • Elected Officials 

Connect with the Full Circle Strategies team to forge the best path forward for your organization

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